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2014 Exhibition of the “True Self” poster design

An exhibition of posters protesting animal performance was held in Lanzhou University by the Roots & Shoots team based at the university. The posters were winners at the poster competition against animal performance.

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Visit to the Wetland in Jinan—Roots & Shoots at Shunwen Middle School

The Roots & Shoots group based in Shunwen Middle School in Jinan paid a visit to the wetland in Jinan. The students heard lectures given by the experts, did experiments, took photographs of the landscape, observed the birds, and played games. Through these activities, they learned about the significance of protecting the wetland.

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Charity Concert—Roots & Shoots Group at Beijing Century Town

The Roots & Shoots team based in Beijing Century Town held a charity concert to raise donations of books and school supplies for poor students in Gansu. The performances of singing, drumming, comic dialogue, and dancing by the students were truly impressive.

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Roots & Shoots celebrates Children’s Day at Chaoyang Park

Roots & Shoots took part in the three-day Environmental Protection Carnival held by SEE in Chaoyang Park during the Children’s Day weekend. The theme was “Give Joy brought by Nature back to Children.” Roots & Shoots – together with more than 40 environmental organizations – celebrated Children’s Day for both adults and children.

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2014 Roots & Shoots “School Gardens Workshop”

With the help of Partnerships for Community Development(PCD), Roots & Shoots organized the “School Gardens Workshop” to help Roots & Shoots teams across the country to establish organic vegetable gardens and explore the impact of gardens onschools and education.


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